What is a VPN?

What is a VPN?

VPN or (virtual private network) service create a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and a VPNs server. Basically VPN creates a safe tunnel between your servers. However VPN does not make you anonymous but it provide extra level of security. 

How does VPN works?

Without a VPN

So basically what ever you search goes from your computer to your service provider or your local Wi-Fi then it goes to your ISP's (International ship and port facility security) network and then to your searched server and then it returns with data you requested from that server.  

With a VPN

When you connect VPN, it encrypts all of internet traffic between your computer and VPN server. It means that only your searched website server and VPN provider can see what you had searched. 

Advantages of VPNs

1. A VPN hides your online identity 

VPNs hides your IP address, location and encrypts your online traffic and it also makes your online activity untracked. Due to VPNs hacker cannot be able to use your real IP address to get your personal information. 

2. VPN helps you to unblock all blocked services in your area

Since VPNs hide your real IP address so you can access blocked services in your area. 

3. Secures your online connection

When you use open source networks like public Wi-Fi you are at a risk of getting hack by hackers. Because majority of public Wi-Fi are unsure to use it means your are putting your personal and important data in danger. But after using VPNs your online connection is fully secured now you can connect your device with Public Wi-Fi.

4. Secures Files transferring 

It helps you to download files in a very secure way.

5. Buying Cheap Tickets 

You can buy Cheap tickets by using VPNs because every airlines operator has different prices for different countries.

Does VPNs makes me fully anonymous?

NO. But it protect you from hacker and allows you to do safe browsing without a VPNs your connection is fully open. 


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