Selling On Ebay Vs Amazon Which Will Make You More Money?

Selling On Ebay Vs Amazon Which Will Make You More Money?

Which Company has Largest Marketplace?

Amazon annual revenue was $280.522 billion whereas Ebay only made 10.80 billion. Amazon has about 310 million customers whereas Ebay has only 168 million customer. But Amazon has most loyal customer as compared to Ebay. You can make 10 times more money on amazon as compared to Ebay. 
Amazon has over 5 million sellers across all marketplace whereas Ebay has over 25 million sellers on their platform. 

Selling Fees

  • $0.35 listing fee to sell your goods. 
  • 10% final value fee on your goods. 
  • 2.9% and $0.30 credit card Processing fees to paypal.
  • You have to pay for shipping.
  • You have to pay Amazon a 15% commission fee which include credit card processing fees.
  • You have to pay Amazon fulfillment fees.

Which Marketplace Is Easy To Manage? 

Amazon offers you a order Fulfillment via Amazon FBA. Through this service Amazon manages your shipping and your customer service.

When you sell on Ebay you first have to wait for customer to pay. Then you have to ship the product to customer. 

Which MarketPlace Is Best For International Sale?

Well Ebay has best international sells whereas Amazon has gives access to sell in 13 international marketplaces in Americas (US, Canada, Mexico), Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey & UK), Middle East (UAE), Asia-Pacific (Japan, Singapore, Australia.


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