Cool Mac Apps and Utilities

Cool Mac Apps and Utilities

If you are a mac user looking to do amazing things on your mac, checked out this amazing collection of mac apps. 

So here are the 10 most cool mac apps 

Let's get started.
  1. App Clearner - The best app to uninstall app and remove all extra files that are left on dish when you delete an app.
  2. CheatSheet - Use this app for memorize keyboard shortcuts for any mac app. Just press and hold command key longer and you will get a list of all shortcuts available. 
  3. Zoom - most popular app for video conferencing on Mac. You can also do screen sharing.
  4. Trymeeter - The best app that keep track on your upcoming online meeting from zoom, google meet and other virtual conference service.
  5.  Handbrake - Converts video files from one format to another format.
  6. Imageoptim - If you run your images through ImageOptim before uploading them on your site. The app will crush the size of your image file without changing the quality of image file.
  7. Clean Me - Recover space on your mac by deleting all system logs, cache other unwanted files. 
  8. Ranchero - A fast RSS Reader for your Mac.
  9. Flotato - Flotato turns any web page into a native mac app that you can quickly open outside the web browser.
  10. Github - It keeps your mac display stay awake and also prevent your screen from going to sleep.


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