Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping

 Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you refer customer to buy products or services through your affiliate links and if customer buy product through your link then you will earn a fixed commission. You will receive your payment on a monthly basis.

But have you ever thought that how can affiliate business know it was you who referred customer to buy product? for that a Tracking Cookie is placed on customer computer whenever they link a link and if customer make purchase and has cookie installed and you will earn a fixed commission 

Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing 

The main advantage of Affiliate marketing is once you refer a customer to a business and customer makes a purchase, your job is done. You do not have tto worry about product fulfillment or dont have to worry about customer support

What is Dropshipping?


Dropshipping is when you run a online store where you do not have to ship a product. But once you receive an order you have to simply place an identical order with distributer at wholesale price and distributer takes care of shipping products 
The main advantage of dropshipping is you do not have to  do product fulfillment. But you are responsible for customer support 

Advantages Of Dropshipping

All orders are made through your site. Supplier deliver product so you do not need to worry about shipping. Easy to start. Easy to grow and amount of profit is higher than affiliate marketing you can also set you own prices unlike affiliate marketing 


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