5 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2020

5 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2020

1. Workplace by Facebook 

It is the best webinar platform provided by Facebook. Facebook Workplace is hugely successful webinar . Facebook Workplace is used by topmost companies like Walmart, Starbucks, Air Asia. Workplace by facebook allow you to communicate in as many as 46 different languages, graphs, hold seminars.

Pricing- It is free. The advanced package for big companies comes at only $4/month per person.

2. Livestorm

Livestorm allows you to do live, on-demand. Livestorm ranks among best resources for online sales webinars, presentations, sharing file, video conferencing. Greatest advantage of using livestorm is its features.

3. Google Duo 

Google Duo is best free resources for webinars, specially for students but only disadvantage of google duo is only eight people can connect at given time. Google duo allow you to do online seminars or training but it does not provide you advanced features like file sharing or automatic translation. Google Duo is totally free.

4. Whatsapp 

Whatsapp also provide you to hold basic webinars. For doing webinars on whatsapp all of your group member should be online at a same time. Whatsapp does not provide recording feature. whatsapp is free of cost.

5. GetResponse 


GetResponse is most amazing webinar software for online marketing. It provide costumer to outreach and ability to connect with their clients. there is no need for your costumer to download GetResponse merely for your webinars they can access your webinars through their browser through links you share to them. 

Basic plans for reaching 1000 clients by email cost $15 per month. You can also buy Plus,  Professional and Enterprise packs for $49, $99 and $1,999 respectively.


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