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How to Enable Third-party Cookies in Google Chrome

How to Enable Third-party Cookies in Google Chrome  The Google Chrome block third-party cookies by default. Cookies are considered bad as they track user location and they also keep eye on your activity. But some cookies serve for a useful purpose. How to Allow Third-party Cookies  Here are some steps for enabling third-party Cookies in your Google Chrome   Step 1- Open Google Chrome browser , click the three tops in the top right conner. Step 2- Click the Privacy and Security option in the setting panel  Step 3- Then click cookies and other site option  Step 4- Then you have to enable cookies 

Selling On Ebay Vs Amazon Which Will Make You More Money?

Selling On Ebay Vs Amazon Which Will Make You More Money? Which Company has Largest Marketplace? Amazon annual revenue was $280.522 billion whereas Ebay only made 10.80 billion. Amazon has about 310 million customers whereas Ebay has only 168 million customer. But Amazon has most loyal customer as compared to Ebay. You can make 10 times more money on amazon as compared to Ebay.  Amazon has over 5 million sellers across all marketplace whereas Ebay has over 25 million sellers on their platform.  Selling Fees Ebay  $0.35 listing fee to sell your goods.  10% final value fee on your goods.  2.9% and $0.30 credit card Processing fees to paypal. You have to pay for shipping. Amazon  You have to pay Amazon a 15% commission fee which include credit card processing fees. You have to pay Amazon fulfillment fees. Which Marketplace Is Easy To Manage?  Amazon offers you a order Fulfillment via Amazon FBA. Through this service Amazon manages your shipping and your customer service. When you sell on

What is Dropshipping and how to start Dropshipping Business

What is Dropshipping and how to start Dropshipping Business Dropshipping business is getting popular day by day. But first you have to understand what is Dropshipping business? When you run a online store that offers dropshipped products, you do not have to worry abut product fulfillment. All you have to do is sell product, take order and forward it to supplier and make a good profit. How much money can you make dropshipping Normally dropshipping margins range anywhere from 15%-30% but all your profit depends on type of product you sell you can also earn huge profit something like 40%-60% it depends on what type of product you sell. Here is how Dropshipping works  The customer place an order on your online store  You forward the order and shipping address of customer to your supplier  Your supplier will receive order then he will ship product  How to Start Dropshipping Business Step 1: Build your Dropshipping Website  Step 2: Research Dropshipping product To Sell  Step 3: Find Dropship

Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping

 Affiliate Marketing Vs Dropshipping  What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is when you refer customer to buy products or services through your affiliate links and if customer buy product through your link then you will earn a fixed commission. You will receive your payment on a monthly basis. But have you ever thought that how can affiliate business know it was you who referred customer to buy product? for that a Tracking Cookie is placed on customer computer whenever they link a link and if customer make purchase and has cookie installed and you will earn a fixed commission  Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing  The main advantage of Affiliate marketing is once you refer a customer to a business and customer makes a purchase, your job is done. You do not have tto worry about product fulfillment or dont have to worry about customer support What is Dropshipping?   Dropshipping is when you run a online store where you do not have to ship a product. But once you receive an order

Best Sites To Sell Your Stuff Online

 Best Sites To Sell Your Stuff Online 1. Amazon   Amazon generated $280 billion in revenue. Amazon has very loyal customer. Amazon gives you advantage of fulfillment service called FBA. With amazon FBA amazon will  handle shipping, all fulfillments, customer service and storage.  Pros  Amazon offers more profit then other network.  Amazon Prime membership attract customer to buy products on amazon. Amazon is one of the most trusted company so there is very little chance of fraud.  Amazon offers fulfillment service (FBA).   Cons  Amazon charges higher selling fee.  Amazon is very competitive.  2. Walmart   Walmart is top competitor of amazon and walmart have huge physical stores all over the world. The main advantage of walmart is that they have massive customer base.  Pros  It does not charge you for setup.  Walmart is totally free. Walmart also offers fulfillment service (FBA). Walmart has massive customer base.  Cons  It is hard to get approval.  There is no aution option.  3. Bonanz

How to Download YouTube Videos

How to Download YouTube Videos  There are some software tools and apps that will let you download videos from youtube. But their are some risk for visiting these insecure websites. The easiest way to download an youtube video is through the Video Manager when you will login into youtube account, click your email and then choose Video Manager from the menu. Then you have click on Edit button on video you want to download 

Free And Best Android Apps

 Free And Best Android Apps  In this post you will find some cool and useful apps that you should have in you device. Note: We made this list considering user review, app features.  Best Free Android Apps  1. WhatsApp  WhatsApp is a free, messaging apps. Whatsapp have over a billion users active whatsapp provide you    ability to send messages for free. You can send free voice messages, links, live location to any user worldwide. 2. MX Player  Mx player is a video streaming and video demand platform. MX player supports almost all primary video file. It has lots of features you you can edit subtitles timeframes MX player is free with ads.  3. Express VPN  If you cares about your security then you should use vpn (virtual primate network). VPN hides your IP address and not only this you can excess. And you can do browsing with full protection of express vpn. 4. PicsArt  If you love to edit photos then you must use PicsArt it offers you with most coolest editing tools and you lot of custom

10 Most Useful Website on the Internet

10 Most Useful Website on the Internet  The most useful websites that will save your time and that will make you smarter  Most Useful Website 1.   - to check speed of your internet connection.  2.  - easy site to study human body function and various systems and segments.  3.  - amazing app by google to explore amazing countries and cities in 3D. 4.  - the best site to download photos for free.  5.  - make amazing videos and stories for Facebook, Instagram. 6.  - find hidden data in your photographs.  7.  - let you to edit PDF. 8.  - to share huge files online. 9.  - to capture notes during meeting. 10.  - turn google slides in animated GIF.

How to Protect Google Documents and PDF files in Google Drive

How to Protect Google Documents and PDF files in Google Drive  In this post you will learn how to protect your Google Documents and PDF files in Google Drive. First you have to Download google PDF toolbox, A google drive addon that lets you password protect PDF files that are protected with a password in your  Google Drive.  How to Password Protect PDF Files  First you have to install PDF toolbox after installation you have allow necessary authorization. The app requires access to file you would like to protect and you have an option to send protected files as an email attachment to another user. then you have to select any PDF or Document in your Google Drive and then you have to expand Encrypt Pdf section then you have to enter a file output name then setup your password and then you have to verify whether the encrypted file should allow printing and comments. Click the Encrypt button to create a PDF file that may ask you to enter your password to open. How to unlock PDF files  If yo

5 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2020

5 Best Webinar Software Platforms in 2020 1. Workplace by Facebook  It is the best webinar platform provided by Facebook. Facebook Workplace is hugely successful webinar . Facebook Workplace is used by topmost companies like Walmart, Starbucks, Air Asia. Workplace by facebook allow you to communicate in as many as 46 different languages, graphs, hold seminars. Pricing- It is free. The advanced package for big companies comes at only $4/month per person. 2. Livestorm Livestorm allows you to do live, on-demand. Livestorm ranks among best resources for online sales webinars, presentations, sharing file, video conferencing. Greatest advantage of using livestorm is its features. 3. Google Duo  Google Duo is best free resources for webinars, specially for students but only disadvantage of google duo is only eight people can connect at given time. Google duo allow you to do online seminars or training but it does not provide you advanced features like file sharing or automatic translation. Go

These Online Jobs from Home pay You $15,000+ per Month

These Online Jobs from Home pay You $15,000+ per Month Today I will show you 4 online jobs where you can do part time or full time income. i will provide you complete information . there is no investment its totally free of cost and there is no earning limit you can earn as much as you want. Let's start 1. Online Survey Jobs Paid survey are the most famous and best online jobs specially from home for people like us who want to make $1000+ or  more working 2-3 hours hours from home  You can work 2-3 hour a week and make $1000 a month there is no limit on how much you can make with these online surveys .There are thousands of of best and free survey sites where you can earn good money you can signup for free and receive regular survey. You can get $10 to $20 for completing one survey 2. Affiliate Marketing  Affiliate Marketing is another most famous online jobs. Affiliate marketing means when you promote products of online merchants like amazon, etc   You will get a fixed commission

Cool Mac Apps and Utilities

Cool Mac Apps and Utilities If you are a mac user looking to do amazing things on your mac, checked out this amazing collection of mac apps.  So here are the 10 most cool mac apps  Let's get started. App Clearner  - The best app to uninstall app and remove all extra files that are left on dish when you delete an app. CheatSheet  - Use this app for memorize keyboard shortcuts for any mac app. Just press and hold command key longer and you will get a list of all shortcuts available.  Zoom  - most popular app for video conferencing on Mac. You can also do screen sharing. Trymeeter  - The best app that keep track on your upcoming online meeting from zoom, google meet and other virtual conference service.   Handbrake  - Converts video files from one format to another format. Imageoptim  - If you run your images through ImageOptim before uploading them on your site. The app will crush the size of your image file without changing the quality of image file. Clean Me  - Recover space on you